Throughout our history, we have been introducing new products and services with a marked orientation toward the client. We have not only specialized ourselves in production of instruments, but the profound knowledge of our technicians and craftsman have led us to offer personalized solutions for specific instruments and a complete after sales service including maintenance and instrument repair upon request.

Over the past 30 years, the accumulation of experience and knowledge are our best credentials and this allows us to continue contributing high level products to the health market.

Since 1982, we have been producing surgical instruments, in 2011 the company opened it sales and distribution in world centre of medical technology valley, TUTTLINGEN.
Today we continue to produce and commercialize surgical instruments under the name of SURGIWELL, achieving higher quality levels, thanks to the initiative of a new management team and a work staff of highly qualified professionals.

Our Skills

OEM neutral/branding 90
Custom Packing 95
Quality Oriental 85
Manufacturer Pricing 75