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Location does keen matter, Surgiwell is the complete and trusted supplier of medical instruments.


Our company works under a quality assurance system completely integrated in the company’s daily activity.

Everybody Talk about Quality

SURGIWELL, complies with the quality regulation DIN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485 : 2012 + AC : 2012, along with the guideline 93/42/EWG. All our instruments carry the CE label.


Quality management is an essential part of long-term corporate strategy.

From Blank to HIGH-TEC Instruments

Quality management is an essential part of long-term corporate strategy, in which all of our employees are involved and which is supported by a team spirit. Regardless of the work, every SURGIWELL staff feels responsible for compliance with the quality.


Design and Development of “CUSTOM” Instruments for Specific Techniques.

A job well done generates benefits.

At Surgiwell, we can state with pride that we are leading company producing surgical instruments and our quality is recognized worldwide. The instruments produced at Surgiwell are present in medical centres and hospitals worldwide, instruments that do not lose their value as time passes by.

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